(The Daily Dish) For many who have had their roof replaced in the past, they understand how costly it can be for something so fundamental. To avoid having a roof replaced one or more times, homeowners should regularly work to maintain it. But without being a roofing expert, how can they keep it in the best shape possible?

Roof Maxx is bio-oil that can be sprayed on asphalt shingles to help them become like new again. With asphalt in shingles decreasing over time, Roof Maxx can be applied in just one to two hours; increasing the flexibility and granule retention in shingles.

According to PJ Pace with Roof Maxx: “Shingles are made with oil and asphalt, and because that oil dries out, the shingle becomes hard, dry, and brittle… we’re putting oil back into that asphalt, so that it can hold on to that rock longer, it can expand and contract longer — giving you a longer life on your roof.”

Customers are raving about how much money they get to keep by avoiding a roof replacement. “We save our customers thousands of dollars with each treatment,” says Koby Spelts with Roof Maxx. “…and it’s a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.”

For homeowners hesitant to service their roof because of solar panels, this treatment can also be sprayed underneath those solar panels — saving you from costly removal and re-installation.

“…if you know how old your roof is, you can call us, and we’ll come and take a look and let you know if you qualify for a Roof Maxx treatment,” Mattie Tueller with Roof Maxx said. “We’ll tell you if your roof is too far gone and you should replace it. But we do free assessments, all of us.”

To schedule a free quote, give the experts at Roof Maxx a call at 1-855-ROOFMAXX or visit them online at GetRoofMaxx.com.

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