(The Daily Dish) Inflation is on the rise and everyone is looking to find a less expensive way to keep their homes in a safe and working order, or even build additional equity. We have Koby Spelts with Roof Maxx today to tell us about an option that could be the key to helping all of us.

If you have a roof on your home that is showing wear and tear, you have probably been looking at what the best option to replace or repair it has been. You’ve also probably been disappointed if not shocked by the prices. With colder weather approaching, right now is the best time to look at all of your options.

The best thing to know is when it’s time to replace your roof. And we have a few tips:

  • Cracked or broken shingles
  • Leaks
  • Sinking areas on your roof
  • Moss

If you have any of these issues, you may need someone to come out and take a look but you always want to make sure you know all of your options before taking the plunge for a new roof.

With Roofmaxx, depending on the damage that you currently have, they could be able to extend the life of your current roof. You may be asking yourself, what IS RoofMaxx? Don’t all roofing companies say they’re the best? Technically they aren’t a “Roofing Company”, they’re offering a completely different option!

What is RoofMaxx?

Roofmaxx is a spray-on application of a bio-oil that helps asphalt shingles to become like new again. They’re allowing homeowners to maintain their roof rather than replace it with a costly roof replacement. The product is applied in 1-2 hours and has a 5-year transferable guarantee that the shingles will perform like new in flexibility and granule retention.

Asphalt in shingles has decreased over time. This was done to save money, but what it means is that shingles don’t last as long as they used to. Often shingles come with a 25 or 30-year warranty but the warranties are often not honored because the manufacturer will blame the installation or other issues.

Today most 30-year shingles last only 15-20 years. Utah is also hard on shingles with our weather patterns. This product gives homeowners a way to maintain their roofs longer. Roofmaxx replaces the oils that naturally evaporate over time and give the shingles back their flexibility and stickiness. This makes them last much longer and it is a fraction of the cost of replacing a roof.

Save Money and Help the Environment!

Save thousands by doing roof maintenance like Roofmaxx and with their tune-up at a fraction of the cost of a new roof. Keeping your current roof longer not only saves you money but also keeps nearly 3.8 tons of waste out of the landfill. It is not disruptive and usually only takes 1 to 2 hours for a RoofMaxx treatment.

Plus, the application comes with a 5 year guarantee that the treated shingles will perform like new. The guarantee is also transferable if someone sells their home. It is also a great idea for someone putting solar on or who has solar, it is a big expense to remove and reinstall a roof with solar panels.

Anyone who has asphalt shingles on their roof, that is anywhere from 7-25 years old is a great candidate. Some roofs are too far gone. If someone is seeing some slight curling, granule loss, or cracking in their shingles, it is a great time to schedule a treatment. RoofMaxx can do up to 3 treatments if they start in time, which gives customers 15 extra years from their roof. 

Keep in mind that RoofMaxx must do their free inspection to make sure that they can offer their guarantee. If they do find repairs that need to be completed, they can complete them for you.

Make sure you sign up for a FREE Quote with RoofMaxx Today! Still not sure? Visit their website and get additional information about the process.

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