Preparing for an end-of-summer fire? Help keep the outdoors safe!

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Kaitlyn Webb the Utah State Prevention and Fire Communications Coordinator joined Nicea and Surae on The Daily Dish to talk about Fire Sense because even though we have cooler temperatures moving across the state, it doesn’t mean that fire season is over.

The conditions that fuel fires have improved and the moisture has moderated fire risk but it does not mean that Utah is out of the woods and everyone should be prepared with this knowledge going out every weekend throughout the remainder of the summer.

Since mid-June, Utah Fire and Fire Sense has been seeing fewer human-caused wildfires each week in comparison to those same time frames in 2020 and 2019.  

  • 1,058 wildfire reports
  • 538 human-caused wildfires, 51% of total
  • Fewer than last year, but more than 2019 and our 10-year average
  • 93% of fires caught at 10 acres or fewer (This year, only 77 fires exceeded 10 acres)
  • Roughly 62,400 acres burned statewide

Highest cause categories as of 8/31:

  • Lightning (roughly 458 incidents)
  • Equipment (roughly 175 incidents) 
  • Debris burning (roughly 96 incidents) 
  • Campfires (roughly 34 incidents) 
  • Firearms (roughly 15 incidents) 
  • Fireworks (roughly 14 incidents)

Utah Fire Sense wants everyone to know what to expect weather-wise and as far as fire potential in the coming weeks. Mostly warm and dry, a storm front will bring concerning winds to northwestern Utah this Saturday. Fuel conditions have improved, recent rain and cooler temps have moderated fire risk. Many fire restrictions have changed across the state, visit the website to view restrictions across the state or call the land management agency you plan to visit or recreate on ahead of time for clarification. Fire potential still exists, we had a lightning start just last Friday that burned 300-500 acres. Keep in mind that the majority of the state remains in serious drought conditions and we haven’t had enough moisture to eliminate fire risk.

In addition to visiting the Utah Fire Sense website for prevention tips, you should be thinking about defense in and around your own home. A few simple tips include clearing leaves and debris off of your roof and out of the gutters. Move firewood piles away from the side of buildings. Limb trees and increase the space between trees, shrubs, and bushes to reduce hazardous fuels. It’s also a great time of year to harden your home and create defensible space around your property. Reach out to your local fire department or county fire warden for a free home or property assessment. They will come and give you personalized FireWise tips.

Hundreds of homes have been impacted by wildfire this year already, your home could be next. Make sure you prepare before a wildfire is at your doorstep. 

For additional Fire prevention tips to prevent roughly 70% of Utah Wildfires, Click here.

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