(The Daily Dish) Surae sat down with James Tett, Mobile Clinic Operations Manager with Optum and also Patrick Troumbley, COO, of Aging Well Senior Expos and Seniors Blue Book to discuss the Utah Senior Expo that is taking place in Utah!

The Utah Senior Expo takes place at three locations throughout October – Salt Lake City, Layton, and St. George. The expo presents a great opportunity for senior citizens and those who care for them to get important information on health and financial planning.

Through partners like Optum, many basic health services will be available on-site, as well. The expos are free and open to the public, though registration is encouraged.

Surae talked in depth with Patrick Troumbley, COO of Aging Well Senior Expos and Seniors Blue Book what he wanted viewers to know about the senior expo.

Patrick advised us that their overarching mission is to engage, educate, and empower the public and the senior expo is an ideal chance to embody that mission. Senior citizens and caregivers from around the community are invited and encouraged to come out and take advantage of all kinds of health and wellness resources. The expo is FREE for anyone who wants to attend.

Also anyone who attends can take advantage of a wealth of resources, including everything from health screenings, to getting information and assistance with navigating different government benefit processes. Additionally, they’ll be featuring a retreat for caregivers of senior citizens. While the expo is free and open to all, you must pre-register for the caregivers retreat.

The expos include three separate events, the first one starting tomorrow and Friday, October 7 at the Mountain America Expo; the 11th and 12th at Davis Conference Center in Layton, and the 19th and 20th at the Dixie Convention Center in St. George.

You can find additional information, and register ahead of time, on the Senior Expo website or you can call ((844) 238-5182)!

Through all of the sponsors like Optum and additional exhibitors, they’ll be offering health screenings and health information for the public. Just a small sample include checking heart health, bone density and blood sugar levels. There are also vision and hearing checks and dental care available and Flu shots and COVID-19 boosters will be available on-site, as well.

Other resources include information on housing assistance and financial planning help, for those who need it and qualify and there will be assistance available with Medicaid applications, VA benefits, and other government programs.

Patrick tells us that the importance of working with a community partner like Optum is that they’re all invested in protecting the health and well-being of seniors in the community and they’ve always had the full support of both the public and private sectors. That’s when they’re able to do their best because everyone is working together for the same outcomes.

About Optum

Optum is a healthcare company, of course, but more than that, they’re a member of the community, too. The senior expos will be providing a lot of important information and services to seniors, and they’re eager to be a part of it. The more we all work together and forge strong partnerships, the more of a positive impact they can have on the health and well-being of the community is an opportunity to show the community what Optum has to offer.

Optum Is excited to be a part of all 3 Senior Expo and will have the below options available:

  • Doc Talks – Physician-led information sessions to share important health and wellness information.
  • Wellness exams – Will include bone density screenings and the RetinaVue eye exam, which takes a high-resolution photograph of the back of the eye, which can then be examined and interpreted by a retina specialist.
  • Fun wellness activities – like Zumba, chair yoga, and others.
  • The Optum Mobile Clinic – A 45-foot-long, state-of-the-art medical clinic on wheels that delivers convenient, quality wellness services to patients throughout the state.
  • And Much More!

For additional information about Optum, you can visit their Website or call (855) 484-9167.

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