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(The Daily Dish) We have Dr. Chad Bittner, Chief Medical Officer of Optum to answer questions about Medicare.

Dr. Bittner is talking to us about some key points. First of all, what is a provider network and how important is it when selecting a Medicare advantage plan. A doctor network, oftentimes referred to as a provider network, is a list of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers that a specific plan has contracted with to provide your care while on the plan.

Optum has more than 1,500 primary care doctors and more than 4,500 specialists in their local network. They’re always working together with other doctors in the network to share successes, push new ideas, and find ways to help make patient care even better. Much of the work that Optum does is a seamless part of the patient experience. Optum also communicates with patients to encourage them to take action to stay healthy and live their best lives. Having a connected network of experts means the patient gets the care that has been proven to work and is also helping the patient save time, money and also reduce stress.

Like many big decisions, it may be helpful to look at the value you are getting. One way to look at value is by evaluating the provider network you are choosing through a Medicare Advantage plan. With Optum you have a primary care physician that is supported by specialists, hospitals, care managers, urgent care locations and more, who all work together to provide coordinated care.

  • With Optum you have access to a large network of 1,500 primary care doctors, 4,500 specialist, 36 hospitals and 98 urgent care locations.
  • Their approach to care is personal. Patients are at the center of a care team led by a doctor with a personalized treatment plan for you. This team helps you get the right care at the right time.

Tomorrow, November 18th between 11AM – 7PM, call (801) 975-4400 where agents will be answering questions about Medicare Annual Enrollment LIVE!

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