(The Daily Dish) In honor of Human Trafficking Prevention Month in January, we are sharing about how trafficking survivors can receive a scholarship for a Bachelor of General Studies degree.

Southern Utah University (SUU) and several private donors are partnering with the Malouf Foundation to create a new scholarship opportunity. Funded through SUU by a network of anonymous donors, the Juniper Scholarship will help survivors of trafficking and exploitation earn a college degree through SUU’s $9,000 online Bachelor of General Studies program, commonly known as Speedway.

The scholarship award committee includes survivor leaders and members of the Malouf Foundation team. The Juniper Scholarship was announced in a press conference held on August 3, 2021, in Salt Lake City.  

A private donor had a relationship with SUU and made the connection between the Malouf Foundation and the Speedway Program, which is a great fit for trafficking survivors who want to receive a higher education to assist in their healing.

With many trafficked by their own family, survivors often find themselves without the familial support most students have when pursuing higher education.

The Juniper Scholarship is named after the Utah Juniper tree. Its ability to grow despite harsh conditions parallels the experience of many trafficking survivors—who despite being forced to endure cruel environments, still found hope and freedom. In naming this scholarship after the Juniper, we hope to remind survivors of their remarkable strength and honor their incredible spirits.

When SUU created the $9,000 Bachelor of General Studies online degree, they did it to open doors for people who didn’t have the opportunity to pursue a college degree. Not only is this the most affordable online bachelor’s degree in the country, it’s also a quality education that will help a person achieve their personal and professional goals. These scholarships will provide opportunities for people who have endured horrific trauma, and also a chance to move on to other successes in their lives.

SUU’s $9,000 online Bachelor of General Studies was intentionally designed to remove financial barriers to a college degree making the program accessible, flexible and affordable. The program offers 40 online preselected courses which are taught in seven-week sessions.

The Program is designed to be super flexible so you can balance your career, family, health, and social life. Classes are outlined from the beginning, so you know every step you need to take to graduate. The scholarship also covers 100% of tuition costs, it is an Online program that is of a flexible nature and it allows you to earn a degree at your own pace.

To be considered for the scholarship, individuals must:

  • Be accepted into SUU’s online General Studies program.
  • Fill out the application online.
  • Once submitted, the scholarship award committee, consisting of Malouf Foundation team members, will review each application and personally notify the recipients.
  • The first survivor has already started the program and is enrolled in classes.
  • Over 40 Juniper Scholarships are available for survivors to apply.
  • These were made possible by private donors.

If you would like additional information you can visit the website.

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