(The Daily Dish) We are into the dog days of summer and by now, you may have run out of ideas to keep the season entertaining for your family, friends, and even yourself. Lucky for you we have teamed up with the BestReviews team to take a look at Summer Essentials that are bound to help you have a fantastic time no matter who you are!

It’s a fact that many people look forward to the summer season all year long and if you live in Utah, you know that it’s a love/hate relationship we all have because of the heat. The truth is, it’s a beautiful time to get outside, get together with friends, enjoy the mountains, lakes, and of course we can’t forget enjoy cold treats and games!

A few of the options that are listed in today’s segment are yard games like Spikeball which is an excellent way to get competitive with friends, and also Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker that offers you a delicious way to cool down.

Take a look as BestReviews’ Jacob Palmer joins Scott Moak to share their picks for the items you need this summer and where you can get them, you will not be disappointed!

You can read all about their Summer Essentials and more by clicking here!

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