(The Daily Dish) We are inspired by the craftsmanship, care and tradition that goes into handcrafted goods and believe everyone should be able to access ethically sourced handmade products from around the world. Fairkind is partnered with artisans to combine their traditional craft methods and locally sourced materials with contemporary designs. Together, they bring you exclusive handmade goods that make a positive impact.

Their mission is to support artisans and honor their craft and they do this by employing artisans at fair trade standards, which means they’re paid a fair wage and have a safe and healthy work environment. In working directly with local artisans, Fairkind is able to take their products further than they’ve been before.

Linden Baker is the Founder and Owner of Fairkind, They were founded in 2016 and operate out of Salt Lake City. Linden spent the first summer in Uganda after graduating college, working with local artisans in a rural town and became friends and quickly realized how their work is essential to providing for their families. Which is why Linden is now bringing products to consumers in the U.S. and around the world.

Products are handcrafted and ethically sourced from start to finish. They use traditional handcrafted methods with modern design to fit a western aesthetic all while helping preserve ancient craft and ancestral methods passed down for generations.

A few of the materials they use include olive wood and Ankole horn and they’ve created pieces that include cutting and serving boards, bowls, spoon sets, glassware, utensil holder, coaster set and trays. They have two major collections right now from Tunisia and Uganda.

These are perfect for Holiday gifts this year!

Get a closer look of all of the products featured today and also watch for retail stores coming soon on the website.

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