(The Daily Dish) There is nothing quite like this time of year when loved ones all gather to celebrate the mothers in our lives.

Of course, we want to look our best, and today we have Lifestyle Consultant, Melinda McKinsey to share some of her favorite secrets from Culler Beauty!

Is it possible to look great with only one foundation? Getting foundation to match your skin tone is always a struggle. Believe it or not, there is now a fascinating, self-adjusting foundation that matches them all.

Culler Beauty has created such a foundation that will always match your skin. In minutes after rubbing onto the skin, the color beads within the foundation match or reflect your exact skin tone.

Dermatologists have worked with Culler Beauty to design the makeup product to have its “matching properties” but also to have it include silicates, peptides, and SPF50 built-in. The silicates bring moisture to the skin resulting in fresh-looking skin that is a benefit to all ages.

If you’ve ever tried to apply sunscreen after your makeup it becomes a disaster. SPF50 within the makeup is a convenience that saves time and the hassle of applying two different products. After application, the foundation leaves a matte finish instead of an oily feeling or shine to your skin.

In addition, the Culler Beauty Primer is a pore minimizer that prepares your skin to be ready for the foundation. Culler Beauty self-adjusting foundation is a dermatologist-tested, luxury product that treats skin while providing all skin tones the perfect base to your beauty routine.

You can visit the Culler beauty website or call (800) 806-0788 to learn more and place your order to grab their current Mothers Day Special which includes 40% off and a free Lash Enhancer. All orders are eligible for free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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