Lifespan VS Healthspan. Know the difference? If not, it’s time to check it out!

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(The Daily Dish) Dr. Russell Osguthorpe, Chief Medical Officer with Prime Meridian Healthcare and a pediatric infectious diseases doctor joined Nicea today to talk about how and why Prime Meridian Healthcare became involved with doTERRA.

Both Prime Meridian Healthcare and doTERRA are focused on integrative healthcare and treating lifestyle diseases. Each year, Trillions of dollars are spent on healthcare and everyone is better when they look at treating the outcomes of lifestyle disease, not the causes.

As Dr. Osguthorpe says “tis the season for gym memberships.” He suggests looking for options for your family and friends that will help create lifestyle changes rather than treats and sweets.

Prime Meridian Healthcare is an onsite medical clinic that offers primary healthcare services to doTERRA’s employees and families, along with surrounding businesses, and nearby residents. They also provide virtual care to residents throughout Utah. They have developed an innovative health technology platform to enable better virtual care for the treatment and reversal of metabolic disease.

Their mission is to change an individual’s health trajectory. Remember, Lifestyle diseases require lifestyle changes.

Their mission is a simple one:

  • Reverse the course of chronic disease.
  • Reduce the need for prescription drugs.
  • Reclaim health and quality of life.

Prime Meridian Healthcare focuses on a person’s overall vitality and lifespan vs. healthspan. They are focused on extending their patient’s years, but not the life within the years. Their goal is to intervene early to provide patients with a greater vitality to be able to increase the years of GOOD health in a person’s life. 

People often focus on weight loss as a measure of “getting healthy.” This isn’t true.

Prime Meridian Healthcare focuses on a holistic approach to your life: in your relationships, stress reduction, your cardiorespiratory fitness, the foods you eat, and those things that lead to a vital life. They surround patients with a team of people who take care of the patient’s whole health, not just the symptoms. Often people don’t think about relationships as a contributor to their health, but we all need to take a look at these connections and see how they’re impacting us.

Patients often say “It’s in my genes” or ask if it could be related to their genes. From a medical perspective, of course, your genes matter, but what makes a bigger difference is the choices each of us makes each day. At Primary Meridian Healthcare they’re focused on lifestyle changes. Understanding your genes can guide you and your physician in helping guide you in your lifestyle choices but our genes do not define us; our lifestyle choices can have a bigger impact than our genes. One area of research for Prime Meridian is to focus on metabolic protocols, and integrative medicine to reduce the side effects of many prescription drugs.

For more information about Prime Meridian Healthcare, you can visit their website.

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