(The Daily Dish) Almost everyone will face some sort of legal issues at some point in their lives. It can be a confusing time where affected individuals often don’t know where they can turn to for help.

Utah State Bar has been a valuable resource for all individuals around the state looking for help, advice, or representation during hard times. For those who aren’t able to pay the costs of a traditional lawyer, pro bono services are offered to provide that help they need.

For more information about Utah State Bar, visit them online at utahbar.org.

What is pro bono?

In Utah, lawyers are encouraged to provide at least 50 hours of free legal assistance to people in need each year. Sometimes this means taking on a whole case from start to finish for free. Other times, it can be providing limited scope representation or even giving legal information and brief advice. This includes both criminal and civil help (family issues, debt collection, deficient housing conditions, debt collection, employment, public benefits, and more).

How can someone connect with pro bono lawyers?

Access to Justice Office at the Utah State Bar – The Utah State Bar provides programs that offer many types of pro bono services from consultations to full representation. To find help navigating what type of pro bono help you need, visit them at utahbar.org/pro-bono.

Utah Free Legal Help – To learn more about free legal help, visit utahlegalhelp.org. There is information if you are representing yourself, or if you want to find ways to talk with a lawyer for free about your case.

Virtual Legal Clinic – If you want to be matched with a lawyer practicing in most legal areas for a 20-30 minute consultation, you can sign up for the Bar’s Virtual Legal Clinic. You will get a phone call from a lawyer within 3-4 business days who can help.

Not eligible for pro bono?

If you do not qualify for free help, you can still get referrals to reduced rate and full fee lawyers through LicensedLawyer or their Modest Means Referral Program, just email probono@utahbar.org.

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