(The Daily Dish) AYL is a family outdoor and travel show that focuses on the western United States. Each week they include activities, cool new product reviews, and suggestions on how to get the most out of a weekend or week in the west.

Today Will Oxley joined us to share some upcoming events with our viewers!

First up, the Halloween Howl at Hoover’s Resort! Things are getting spooky as the AYL crew heads to Hoovers River Resort which is just north of Marysvale as they take a ride with the Johnson family at the Halloween Howl. The Howl is an annual ride on the beautiful Paiute Trail which features a poker run on some great trails complete with a Haunted Forest and ends with a trunk or treat and a costume contest for the kids.

Next up, Veterans Day at Range Valley Ranch! Chad and Ria will be heading up to Range Valley Ranch for a day of appreciation with some of their most specialized servicemen and veterans in an attempt to give back to those who have done so much for us. They will also be chatting to some NFL football players who have become passionate about empowering these veterans to get back into the society they served so well.

Finally, they’ll be discussing, getting turned upside down with AYL 24/7 and Slikrok Productions!! AYL 24/7 is in full swing and they’re ramping up their behind the scenes coverage to get all the crazy impacts and wipeouts they can safely cover. It certainly helps when they join with Curt Miles and Jake Andersen from the Slikrok productions team as these guys are all about building the biggest and baddest machines in an effort to push them to and sometimes beyond their limits!

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