(The Daily Dish) Spontaneity is often one of the most favored parts of any intimate relationship. It keeps relationships exciting, knowing that lover’s passion could arise at a moment’s notice. Though, for men suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction), these moments are all too rare. And while many believe that ED affects only men, the truth is that the partners are also noting the strain it can put on their relationships.

In the past, men have received treatment in the form of prescription medication or even invasive injections and surgeries to solve the issue. While these treatments can see some results, many men can experience difficult side effects. Because of these risks, studies show that 71% of men who have felt ED do not seek out any treatment.

Today, breakthrough treatment is solving the issue for men without any invasive needles or medication. Acoustic Wave Therapy is the latest innovation in medical technology, using gentle pulsating acoustic waves to travel through the skin and increase blood flow. This treatment, practiced at Wasatch Medical Clinic in Utah, can show noticeable and lasting results in just a few treatments — restoring men to full function.

Data collected shows that of 2,000 patients given treatment, 1,800 reported having significantly improved performance in the bedroom. Even more, the ones noticing results aren’t always the patients themselves.

“The most calls we get are from partners of people who are going through ED,” says Miles Broadhead with Wasatch Medical Clinic. “They’re calling and saying that they were living like a roommate with their spouse and hadn’t been intimate. After the treatments, they’re more spontaneous — they’re living like lovers again.”

Now there’s no harm in getting a relationship back on track — Acoustic Wave Therapy is completely non-invasive and pain-free. If you or your partner are needlessly suffering from ED, schedule with Wasatch Medical Clinic today to receive a FREE consultation along with a blood flow ultrasound.

Wasatch Medical Clinic has two locations in Murray and St. George. To learn more and schedule your no-cost consultation, visit them online or call Murray, UT: (801) 901-8000 or St. George, UT: (435) 922-7000.

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