Derek Miller, president and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber/Downtown Alliance, and a UCAIR Partner joined Nicea on ABC4 Utah to talk about the 12th annual Clear the Air Challenge and how you can join in on the fun.

If you haven’t signed up to compete in this year’s Clear The Air Challenge it’s not to late. The month-long challenge, which started yesterday Feb. 1st, is about helping to make a big difference in improving Utah’s air. The Clear the Air Challenge is a competition to improve air quality in Utah by driving less and driving smarter.

This is the 12th annual Clear The Air Challenge and we have a big goal – to eliminate 100,000 single-occupant trips, save 2 million miles and reduce emissions. Participation is free and sign up is fast and easy on their website.

Teams can be made up of co-workers, family, friends, neighbors—anyone. The Challenge is organized and brought to you by the Salt Lake Chamber, UCAIR, and TravelWise.

Many might ask “Why is The Clear The Air Challenge So Important?”

  • Experts tell us, during the inversion period pollution doubles daily. 
  • Transportation emissions are responsible for nearly 50% of the pollutants that make up our poor air quality.
  • The Clear The Air Challenge is a fun competition to reducing vehicle emissions and improve our air.
  • By simply reducing vehicle trips, we can protect our health, our environment, our economy, and the overall quality of life in Utah.

There are so many simple and fun ways to save trips and miles:

  • Telework rather than going into the office.
  • Trip chain, plan ahead to chain your trips together. If you drive from home to the Post Office, from the Post Office to the bank, from the bank to the grocery store, and finally back home you save trips.
  • Walk or bike to your destination – it will help get those steps in.

Last year more than 97,500 trips were saved, eliminating 476 tons of CO2 during the challenge. This was a significant saving’s and we’re working to save even more this year.

Teams log their miles in the TravelWise Tracker on the site or use the app to automatically track your trips saved. Sign up as a business, family, or individual today on their website.

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