(The Daily Dish) While things in Utah are starting to get back to normal, educators continue to deal with the pandemic’s impact on their classrooms.

In the State of Utah, we are still seeing increased learning gaps among students that could have long-term effects. That’s why the state legislature expanded funding for a learning solution that can help our state’s youngest learners stay on track. Kim Fischer, national spokesperson and senior vice president of communication is here from Waterford to tell viewers more!

As all parents quickly learned during the pandemic, teaching is not nearly as easy as it looks. Finding the right curriculum, relearning subjects, and properly instructing children can require time and attention that many parents just don’t have. While many kids are heading back to school, we realize now more than ever the need for children to be prepared before getting back in the classroom.

Addressing this issue since 2009, Waterford Upstart is a pre-kindergarten readiness project founded through Waterford that helps children and their families to get prepared before starting the move into grades K-12. Since they began, they have expanded to more than 15 states and serves over 300,000 children every year through at-home and in-school programs.

The program, now funded by the Utah State Legislature, gives kids fun and computer-adaptive instruction through interactive games while monitoring their progress to empower parents. This program’s curriculum covers a variety of important subjects including reading, math, science, and much more. “The average graduate at that Pre-K level will enter kindergarten reading at a nearly first grade level. We just want to make sure children are prepared,” says Kim Fischer, national spokesperson for Waterford.

Being funded by the state, families are able to participate in the program at absolutely no cost to them. In addition, they include a computer along with internet access for families that need it, and a coach so families can learn how to continue engaging their child offline.

Registration has now started for children entering kindergarten in 2022 or 2023. To learn more and sign-up, visit their website or call 888-982-9898.

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