Important changes to laws regarding Divorce, Child Support and Custody

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(The Daily Dish) This year there have been some important changes in the law in regards of Divorce, Child Support and Custody. Today Nicea and Surae are speaking with Jason Fuller, a local attorney to clarify some of these changes.

It seems that a lot of the clients have been divorced for a while and want to make changes. It’s important to understand the law and know what you can and can not do based on timing. Anyone that has been divorced knows that it can be a highly emotional process. There is a lot that needs to be settled between parties. Your attorney should be looking out for what is in the best interest of your most important asset – your children.

In May of 2021 several new laws took place and One of those was for Equal Parent time. Jason wants parents to know that if they originally entered into a divorce and they don’t feel that it is fair, they can look at having it adjusted. This could be some really hopeful news for those about to go thru a divorce or those that are feeling stuck and disappointed by the process.

You may be asking yourself why you should hire an Attorney or do you need to hire one. The truth is, you may have a case that you don’t need an attorney or you may have one that would warrant hiring an attorney. If you choose to represent yourself it could bring in extra costs that would include: more time in court, added fee’s or additional expenses. You could also have the mistake of losing child custody, additional child support, or unfortunately losing your case completely.

If you chooses to hire an attorney it can help you with not having these mistakes and help you on the right path for your case. Your attorney can tell you ahead of time if what you’re wanting or the approach you’re trying to take is something you can achieve. Having an attorney in your back pocket can give you access to avenues you didn’t know were available.

If you or a loved one is going through the process of divorce or would like more details about the new custody laws give Jason Fuller a call (801) 254-9450 or you can visit his website.

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