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Surae and Nicea are in the Kitchen on The Daily Dish today talking about some of their favorite snacks!

The Summer Heat Wave is really making an impact on all of us here in Utah and also across the Western US. With temperatures every day of one hundred degrees or higher, many don’t want to go outside and are looking for different ideas to keep themselves busy inside or way’s to stay healthy without heating up the house any more than they have to.

Surae and Nicea show off some of their favorite snacks such as string cheese or snack bars that they like to grab from Cache Valley while they’re on the go or something they can grab from the fridge while they cool down in front of the A/C after a long day of work or play. These are also great to give to the kids for a protein boost while they’re busy with their activities or play. Keeps their energy and their nutrients up so they can keep going and keep being a kid.

Cache Valley Creamery also offers other brands and styles that can complement any snack or meal. You can add cheese to a quesadilla, salad, or make some homemade Mac N’ Cheese.

The possibilities are endless because Goodness is Just Around the Valley.

At Cache Valley Creamery, they come from the same place as you, where goodness is life and it’s part of who they are. Where you can breathe it in every corner, and feel it in every smile. At Cache Valley, they want to invite you to taste the purity. Because when you cook with their cheeses, made with the finest ingredients and a one-of-a-kind approach, you can take in the goodness in every bite. Just remember, tasty goodness is bound to happen with Cache Valley in your kitchen.

Head on over to the Cache Valley Creamery website to find the store nearest you that carries their products or grab some recipes including the ones talked about in the video here today.

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