Andrew Rinehart with Wasatch Medical clinic joined Nicea DeGering and ABC4 Utah to discuss a breakthrough treatment that’s helping men get their lives back to normal with a natural fix.

Wasatch Medical Clinic is making sure they are checking temperatures of everyone before they enter the office. The office is cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day, washing hands, and of course, they’re wearing face masks. Please call if you’re concerned and ask any questions, they will still be open 6 days a week, both in Saint George, UT and Salt Lake City, UT.

Everyone is excited and has heard about the new treatment that is being offered, Acoustic wave therapy. Acoustic wave therapy opens up the blood vessels and helps so you don’t have to take a pill or have surgery. These sessions can be done in less than 15 minutes and you can see results in as few as 2-3 sessions.

Contact us to discuss what options are available.

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