(The Daily Dish) Dr. Ari Hobfoll, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and owner of Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry spoke today about the environment for patients and minimally invasive dentistry.

Everyone is welcome

The office’s mission is to make sure “everyone is welcome.” Kaleidoscopes are more beautiful the more color they have. Kaleidoscope believes this is true with people. Their office welcome everyone from special needs patients, Utah locals, those new to Utah, those that may need an interpreter and more. Everyone should feel like they are in a friendly, safe space.

All kids deserve the best dental care possible it strives to make that happen by taking state Medicaid insurances along with most others. For those without insurance, there is an in house discount plan. Also, online scheduling is available and the office will to be open two Saturdays per month for busy parents. 

What is minimally invasive dentistry?

In order to do avoid using drills or “scarier” dentistry instruments, the key is early treatment. When the dentist is able to see a child before the first year of life or at the time of the first tooth, conditions can be caught early. Here are some examples:

Tooth decay treaments

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) a cavity stopping liquid that can stop decay in its tracks with a few treatments. It is quite literally a brush on treatment. It does stain the teeth but if the cavities are caught early, this is minimal. It’s a good option for very nervous patients and helps them get comfortable with dental treatment in the future.

Lack of minerals treaments

Resin Modified Glass Ionomer (if we have time) a white filling that pushes minerals back into the teeth to strengthen them and to prevent future cavities in the same areas.

You can visit KaleidoscopeKidsDentistry.com for more information.

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