(The Daily Dish) Unfortunately, we see more and more stories lately of Child Abuse. Stories that we can’t believe are happening, we find ourselves asking “How could they do that?” or “How come no one noticed or intervened?” The truth is, it’s not always as easy as some would think.

Today we are fortunate enough to have Emily Sparks, Education Program Administrator with Prevent Child Abuse Utah to talk to us about how she learned more about what abuse is and also what programs they have available to help teach and help our Children in Utah.

Emily was in 4th grade when she heard a presentation in school from Prevent Child Abuse Utah about what abuse was and what to do if you experience it. Sadly, before that day, she thought child abuse meant only physical abuse. During the presentation is when she realized she had been being sexually abused. The next day, she gathered the courage to report to her teacher what was happening and was able to get help. 

Because of the help and wonderful interaction she had with Prevent Child Abuse Utah, she chose to grow up and now has the opportunity to work with them where she is helping other children the same way she was helped.

Schools will be back in session soon which means our educators also have the opportunity to help kids who may not realize they’re in the same position. Schools can request the Prevent Child Abuse Utah team to come to talk with their students about child abuse with their approved curriculum through the State Board of Education.  

This curriculum approaches 4 types of abuse and focuses on a few points:

  • NEVER a child’s fault
  • Secrets to keep vs. secrets to tell
  • Identifying trusted adults
  • To tell and keep telling until they get help.

If this seems like something you’d like to see in your child’s school or you’d like to have them come to a community event, faith event, or schedule an event for your own family, you can schedule it on their website.

Maybe doing this as an event isn’t what you’re looking for but you would like more guidance on how to approach Child Abuse in your own home? You can also get a prevention kit for families that provides a weekly guide to help every step of the way and also provides additional ideas on how you, as a parent, can know when to be alarmed and help your children.

Child Abuse Prevention Kit For Families – Including a weekly guide to help you every step of the way. Learn more here.

Do you work with children and want to learn more? Prevent Child Abuse Utah offers courses for Education professionals, coaches, and all adults. Learn more by clicking here.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah was founded in 1982 with the Mission to prevent Child Abuse and also to help guide the community with a commitment to prevent all forms of abuse. With this they provide programs, services, awareness, education and help to work towards public policy development.

Visit their website, and follow along on all social media channels to learn more!

*Sponsored by The Utah Department of Health and Human Services