(The Daily Dish) One of the major things we’re seeing right now is house values increasing drastically – 27%! That sounds like a great thing until you think about insurance and replacement costs if something happens to your home.

Today we have Patrick speaking with Nicea and Surae to tell us about how his Insurance company is seeing most people underinsured. Sadly, they’re seeing people who are 60K – 150K underinsured and this means if there was a fire or total loss, your insurance will not cover the replacement you’re looking at 100% so that extra amount will come out of your pocket.

Patrick is a trained expert that has chosen to serve his neighbors and friends and anyone else that he possibly can in Utah. Compared to most other agents, Patrick is easily reachable providing you with a live expert rather than an online chat. In addition, Patrick finds it important to educate his clients so they are fully covered in current conditions at the best possible rates.

If needed to add to your coverage it doesn’t always indicate that it will be expensive or cost a lot more out of your pocket. It’s smart to check what options are available because it could be only $5 – 10 per 10k of coverage. The result is that it is an inexpensive and easily fixable solution without costing a fortune.

The great thing about working with someone like Patrick is that you get someone who is also a friend who will look at each particular situation and provide a full insurance strategy to ensure you have all the coverage you need.

If you would like to learn more you can visit him on his website or call him (801) 889-1395.

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