(The Daily Dish) Do you have a loved one with dementia and you’d like to help them to find meaning and purpose? Auberge at Aspen Park is working with an award winning Montessori inspired Spark program to help do just that. This program focuses on engagement, social lifestyle and involvement within the community.

The Spark Difference means that they’re science and research based, they aim at increasing engagement and skills based on rehabilitation techniques and they also use two proprietary assessment tools that go beyond traditional methods.

Through repetition and procedural memory, skills can be improved. Dementia affects existing memories, but doesn’t prevent residents from forming new ones. A special Montessori Assessment Tool, gives the staff at Auberge at Aspen Park a crucial glimpse into remaining skills often missed by traditional healthcare assessments.

Since they opened, Auberge at Aspen Park has been focused on providing an active lifestyle through all stages of life for its residents. Along with the tight-knit sense of community, they make every effort to provide a routine where residents can continue to develop, contribute, and participate with their peers. Regular activities like morning meetings, cooking, baking, and gardening keep minds stimulated while also providing wonderful opportunities for relationship building.

Another great activity residents get to take part in: making and designing a variety of cute products to enjoy and/or sell. Some of the handmade items created in this community include locally-sourced sugar scrubs, soaps, honeys, and much more.

To take a tour of The Auberge at Aspen Park, you can find them in Salt Lake City at 1430 E 4500 S. For more information, visit them online or call (801) 272-8000.

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