(The Daily Dish) Medicaid and CHIP cover benefits for kids and that means more financial stability for families.

Surprise bills for emergency or urgent care visits when uninsured can take a toll on all families. Today we have Sarah Leetham with Take Care Utah with us to talk about the importance of coverage for dental, mental health, vaccines, emergency and wellness and preventative care.

Unfortunately, Utah has the highest rate of eligible but uninsured kids in the nation, and that also nearly 82,000 uninsured kids, and they rank 46 out of 50 for covering kids. Eligibility for CHIP and Medicaid is determined by household size and income but many are either hesitant to apply or they don’t know how or where to apply.

Take care Utah offers health access assisters who specialize in enrollment in the state of Utah. They also work as case advocates for anyone working through the application process. They are available to help with paperwork, employer forms, follow-ups, eligibility decisions, and post-approval help like finding a primary care doctor and understanding how to use the benefits once you’ve been approved.

Reaching out to an advocate is FREE and they are multilingual. They can process an application via phone at (801) 433-2299 or in person at their office that is located at 2369 West Orton Circle, West Valley City UT 84112.

You can visit their website to make an appointment or find additional information.

*Sponsored by The Utah Department of Health.