Mr. Shabu is located on the south end of The Gateway and as the owner, Mr. Shabu brings with him 18 years of experience in the meat supply business. With his extensive knowledge of meats, Mr. Shabu provides hand-selected meats for the best shabu-shabu experience.

Shabu-shabu which means “swish swish” in Japanese was invented by chef Chuichi Miyake in Osaka, Japan in 1952. It became popular in China during the 1980s. Today, shabu-shabu dishes are enjoyed in many Asian cultures and menus around the world.​

Mr. Shabu offers individual hot pot dishes with thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in a selection of specialty broths served with a delicious range of dipping sauces. Soup broth bases include kombu, tonkotsu, sukiyaki, miso, vegetarian and Chinese hot pot broth.

You’ll be tempted by a choice of meats and seafood and a wide variety of fresh vegetables. Everything is served in unlimited quantities, so you will have a large selection of the freshest ingredients to choose from.

The restaurant also provides a handy “how to shabu” card on the menu to help you get started.

Visit Mr. Shabu in SLC, Utah at 159 S. Rio Grande Street but you’ll want to stop by their website to check out hours and see if you need to make a reservation first.

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