(The Daily Dish) Today on the Daily Dish we have Paris LeLacheur along with Dr. Kristen Kells, Chiropractic Physician and Founder of Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss to talk about weight loss!

Paris LeLacheur struggled to lose the visceral fat layer at his age. He also has been more affected by food in his later 40s, Dr. Kells helped him figure out his trigger foods, and also helped to find his motivation. Something that changed for Paris was that he also has not experienced heartburn. His self-esteem has increased because he feels like he looks better!

Since the beginning of his program, he has lost 22 LBS and now feels that he is stronger and more flexible. This is important because he wants to continue to be an entertainer and be in front of audiences. Having the confidence of a fit body while he is in front of people is something that makes things much easier for him!

One thing about Dr. Kells’ Program that stood out to Paris was that he felt the team was there to work with his specific needs. They understood that everybody needs a different approach so they were not focused on a one size fits all solution.

More about Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss Program

Your clinically supervised weight loss program is completely safe and proven to get massive results. It is scientifically and nutritionally driven to create fast results. Much of the general population doesn’t realize that when you are overweight you also have issues with energy, vigor, and mental fatigue. In addition, excessive fat damages your organs and your outward appearance.

All of this will change quickly for after you start following your customized program. You have the power to create the body you desire and gain the vitality you deserve.

What they address:

  • Toxicity
  • Hormones
  • PH Levels
  • Metabolism
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue

Although they regularly see people lose 30 pounds or more, Dr. Kells’ weight loss is not designed as just a weight-loss program, but as a health transformation program. Here is what they are NOT:

  • They are NOT a fad diet.
  • They are NOT a one size fits all program.
  • They do NOT treat symptoms.
  • They are NOT a quick fix.
  • They do NOT focus on surgery or prescriptions.
  • They are NOT focused on pre-packaged meals.
  • They do NOT have extreme workout plans.

To find more information, see testimonials, and schedule a FREE consultation, call (385) 257-9194 or go online!

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