(The Daily Dish) While there is so much to do in Moab, visitors must still rest after an exhausting day. Designed as a “home away from home”, the Red Cliffs Lodge has offered comfortable cabins and unbeatable views to visitors.

We have the General Manager Brian and the Social Media Manager Kimberly with Nicea today to tell us a little bit about the history of the land where the Red Cliffs Lodge sits today.

The Red Cliffs Ranch was settled back in the 1800s by the White Family and was a working ranch for many years. In the Late 80’s a man named Colin Fryer bought it and he turned it into what it is now. He also started the very first vineyard in Southern Utah and that is how he got his start and then built the lodge that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Kevin Garn purchased the lodge in December 2021 and he was also a good friend of Colin.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of exploring the red rocks of Moab can attest that it’s an unforgettable experience. They’re in the process of starting a complete a multimillion-dollar renovation of the entire hotel, resort, and lodge. They will be building a brand new spa, redoing the pool area, redoing the movie museum, and creating a world-class center that will have an underground movie theatre where you will be able to watch the films that have been made thereafter you’ve had a chance to visit the museum.

Aside from lodging, guests also have the chance for activities like horseback riding through the red rocks and trails of Moab. With cabin options ranging from a Queen Suite to an Executive Suite — which features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a private patio — rooms are plenty spacious. Full of rustic décor, the rooms also include soft beds, an in-room kitchenette, and flat-screen TVs for visitors to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay.

For more information, visit them on their website or you can find them at Milepost 14, Highway 128 in Moab.

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