(The Daily Dish) With the dramatic increase Salt Lake County residents have seen in crime and and increase in the District Attorney’s decision to decline charges against many violent offenders, residents are concerned that Salt Lake County will soon experience crime comparable to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Today, Nicea sat down with Danielle Ahn, Salt Lake County District Attorney Candidate, to discuss the role of the District Attorney in combating crime and her plan to get tough on crime and make Salt Lake County safer for everyone. 

Danielle Ahn grew up in challenging circumstances and overcame poverty, domestic violence, and homelessness by working since she was 14 years old to take care of her family and herself. As a result, she developed a unique perspective on the law and law enforcement that she would like to bring to the DA’s office.

She also served an ecclesiastical mission in South Korea and later graduated cum laude with a degree in political science. Graduating from the University of Utah law school and becoming a licensed attorney in Utah and Arizona.

She feels she is the candidate that can breathe life back into the DA’s office because she has the drive and fire to succeed. She wants to do what is right and feels she is very good at recognizing that in others and hiring competent, experienced attorneys to work at the DA’s office which is unfortunately 35% short staffed.

She has the vision to drive policies that are by the law and will lead the office to successfully seek justice for residents of Salt Lake County.

Viewers can learn more about Danielle Ahn by visiting her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube or send a text to (435) 659-7084.

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