(Good Things Utah) Joined today by Cody Swenson, Executive Producer at the Hale Center Theater in Orem, and Greg Cook the Founding Executive and Chairman of the Board at doTERRA to discuss how A beloved Utah County theater is moving to a new home.

After 32 wonderful years in Orem and thanks to the support of doTERRA and the City of Pleasant Grove, Hale Center Theatre in Orem is relocating. The goal in mind was to to create an elevated experience in a new space while maintaining the intimate theater experience that they have always prided themselves on.

doTERRA heard about what Hale Center Theater was trying to achieve and their board truly believes that the arts are important. They create connection and hope; things that are desperately needed right now, more than ever.

The Hale Center Theater has been providing high-quality entertainment for 32 years and doTERRA has always loved the creative, intimate, storytelling they’ve been able to provide in their space.

“We’ve all been enjoying their plays and productions for many, many years, so when we heard what they were trying to accomplish with their theater, we knew that we needed to help,” Cook said. “At doTERRA, we value the culture and the principles that the Hale family espouses. They are master storytellers, and we value that. We think it’s good for your health. We are a health and wellness company, and we believe that the arts are directly related to good health, whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental health.”

As part of the relocation, The Hale Center Theater of Orem will be reopened in early 2024 and will formally be renamed “The Ruth and Nathan Hale Theater” and less formally known as “The Ruth” in honor of the founders – Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Nathan Hale.

There are currently two theaters in Utah that use the Hale name, but many people are not aware that they are two different organizations. When the decision to move was made they felt strongly that keeping grandma and grandpa Hale’s legacy front and center was very important.

The new theater will feature two stages. The main theater will seat approximately 670 people and have the option of being a complete theater-in-the-round. The second smaller theater will have configurable seating, allowing for creativity. It will seat around 250, depending on the configuration.

Including plenty of restrooms and more legroom are very important and they have been designed into the space, but the greatest attention has gone to keeping an intimate feel to the larger space. It is essential to keep the feel of the theater as intimate as possible, to retain the charm that patrons have come to love, with a more comfortable space.

If you’d like to learn more about the project or how you can donate, you can visit their website.

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