(The Daily Dish) As fall approaches, many are preparing for pumpkins, sweaters, cooler weather, and pumpkin-spiced coffee… You might need to be slightly fearful of more than ghouls and ghosts.

Many people wonder how their roof has held up and if they are going to have leaks or other issues this winter. Today we have Tony Trueba joining us from Rocky Mountain Exteriors to talk to us about some of the biggest issues he sees that are affecting roofs here in Utah.

First off, age is one of the contributing factors that Tony has seen that plays a vital part in roofing repairs. All of this will depend on the type of roof and of course how well homeowners have kept up on routine maintenance.

Next off, Tony talks about unidentified storm damage. Many people go by the theory that if they can’t see if and there isn’t a problem right now, then everything is just fine. This is unfortunately incorrect. If you have damage that is done and you don’t see it, the leaks and damage may be happening IN your attic and the problems will grow over time making the problem even worse than what it would have been previously.

As stated previously, keeping up with routine maintenance and regular inspections and repairs can make your roof last much longer and save on repairs you may not need to worry about. Tony suggests having your roof inspected every couple of years.

Most people aren’t aware that depending on their insurance coverage, their homeowner’s insurance should normally cover repairs and a full roof replacement. Rocky Mountain Exteriors is one of the best in the business because they’re not only experts on the roofing side but also when it comes to working with your insurance.

Give Tony and the team a call at (435) 938-1151 or visit their website for a FREE inspection or visit their website.

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