We are dishing up all of the best places that you want to go try for your weekend!

Today, Katy is in beautiful Park City sitting out on the patio on a crisp afternoon and she is at Salt Box Eatery and catering. She is sitting with the corporate chef of the River Horse Group, Chef Mark Peterson. Mark, is the corporate chef of River Horse Group, which owns Salt Box.

River Horse Provisions has now married with Salt Box and they have been open for about a year. Salt Box Eatery is located a little off the beaten path in the heart of Park City, 1782 Prospector Avenue, Right of Kernes Boulevard. 

Today they’re showing a mix of some of their ala carte menu, the acai bowl that you have right there. Fresh berries, housemaid granola, toasted coconut, chia seeds, just all the goodness. Then they have a couple of other dishes that are family meals that offer to take home so that you get to enjoy the Salt Box or River Horse food in the comfort of your own home. The chef does all the work, but you may have to do the dishes on your own.

Check out their Southern fried chicken family meal with barbecue baked beans, creamed corn, house bread, and chopped salad. Then there is also their south of the border meal with a Snake River farm’s skirt steak and just all the goodies that come with it, Corn and Flour Tortillas, Cilantro Cream, Spanish Rice, Refried Black Beans, and some lovely vegetables.

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