(The Daily Dish) Utah has some iconic locations and sites and a couple of months ago we had the pleasure of speaking with Brandy Fowers owner of the Farmhouse at Sacco’s, the iconic market we all see as we drive along the freeway, north of Salt Lake City.

The last time Brandy was on the show she mentioned that her goal was to make some changes to Sacco’s or as her family called it, she was going to BRANDI-FY Sacco’s! We are so excited to have her here today to tell us what has been going on in the last 6 months and where her vision is taking her.

Brandy is focused on keeping Sacco’s a family-run business that focuses on everything being Utah Based. Everything in their store, you can get at a Farmer’s Market the difference is, you can get it year-round and not just during those warmer seasons.

Brandy and her family know the importance of Farm to Table because they have a farm of 300 acres in Box Elder County. They have raised their children to understand the importance of working hard to live local.

Right now, Apples and Peaches are in season but that’s not the only thing you can find at Farmhouse at Sacco’s. They offer spices, nuts, honey, jams, onions, and tomatoes. Almost anything you can find in your local grocery store, they have. Unfortunately, at this time they do not offer meat but it is on Brandy’s list of items to have at the store.

At The Farmhouse at Sacco’s, they prioritize buying local produce and locally produced products. They will continue to sell fresh produce grown locally and they will also carry products produced locally that so many people love and recommend to their store.

Want to learn more or suggest someone local they should work with? Head on over to their Facebook Page or send them an email: farmhouseatsaccos@gmail.com, they would LOVE to hear from you!

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