Salt Lake City, Utah (The Daily Dish) — The Utah Metropolitan Ballet was founded in 1968 by Jacqueline, she started her school and it grew into a small regional company which eventually grew into the Utah Regional Ballet. Now that they have many professional dancers it’s been named Utah Metropolitan Ballet.

Living in Utah, when you think about ballet, your mind most likely leads you to think about Ballet West. We had heard that Jacqueline had her very own interpretation of The Nutcracker and we couldn’t wait to get a sneak peek!

She was influenced greatly by Willem Christensen when she danced with Ballet West and her Nutcracker also took on much of the same style. Jacqueline says “I loved his ballet because it was heartwarming and very family oriented. I really enjoyed that, so I embellished in act two and did all of my own variations and names of things.” In act two, they had Marzipan Maidens and Ribbon Candy Servants which was very creative but they’ve redone it all except for The Land of Snow.

If you’re not familiar with Land of Snow, that is after The Nutcracker is transformed into a prince and he takes Clara to meet The Snow Queen and they’re dancing in snowflakes, from there they have ships that whisk Clara away to the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The Nutcracker is magical this time of year and being able to see it live on stage makes the Holiday Season come alive.

Make sure you also check out The autism show, it is so amazing but also vital to the story is the amazing company that Jacqueline Colledge has built and that Utah County has access to a world-class professional ballet company who perform a full season in downtown Provo. 

Don’t delay in getting your tickets to The Nutcracker!

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