(The Daily Dish) The homeless cannot GO HOME for the Holidays. They have no homes. Our homeless friends watch the world drive by and on Holidays their loneliness is even worse because there is no traffic or hustle and bustle of society. Our Homeless friends feel along, forgotten and left behind.

The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake hosts a Christmas Banquet to End Homelessness each year.

This year the Christmas Banquet to End Homelessness will be on Dec 23rd, 2021 from 11am to 3pm and the Christmas  Banquet will include the below items:

  • A Full dine in Honey Glazed Ham Banquet meal
  • Santa and gifts for the kids
  • Haircuts
  • Clothing
  • Live music
  • Vaccinations via the Salt Lake County Health Department
  • And Gifts for all who attend

The event will also Include Seek and Rescue to Homeless Camps where they will be delivering Christmas meals and gifts to homeless friends who are living in camps.

It is their hope that via the Christmas Banquet to end homelessness they will give homeless friends the love and respect they need to begin a New Life, by joining their inpatient recovery program.

They often say Hope starts with a meal. Once you meet the basic needs in a persons life: food, warmth and a safe shelter where they have the option to use the restroom, change their clothing, a person can turn to the deeper issues of life, like how to leave life on the streets.

As The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City builds relationships with the homeless friends via their Christmas Banquet and Seek and Rescue they are able to build relationships and respect and with this they come to the Rescue Mission to address these deeper needs.

You can help by sponsoring a meal or donating gently used winter clothing items.

You can help by donating, sponsoring a meal or you can drop of a simple wrapped gift off at the Rescue Mission. A few Items they are in need of are gloves, hats, hand warmers, granola bars. These items are taken as gifts out to their homeless friends living in camps and those who come to our banquet.

For more information, to get involved or ways to donate please visit the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake’s Website.

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