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(The Daily Dish) One of the greatest challenges, for small businesses, is credit card payment processing. Today more than ever there is so much more to consider and it’s important to make sure the system is right for your business.

We have Vince Engle, Founder, CEO of Edge Payments here today. He has been in the business ownership side of things and saw the need for business owners to have someone in the industry, on their side.

Vince is also an expert and tells us that it’s important to customize the solution for each type of business. Whether it’s a small terminal, Point of Sale System, or eCommerce Shopping cart. It needs to be fast and simple to use to enhance the customer experience and to give your company a positive image.

There is also a lot of talk about “Zero Processing Fees” which might lead people to ask if this is the right option for them. For some businesses it works, especially small business. With employee costs and supply chain costs rising daily the small change could be the difference between profit or loss. For car dealerships it is not a good idea.

Edge can make a difference because they believe in developing partnerships with their clients. They become very close. If a customer’s terminal goes down or there is an emergency, there is someone that you can call. If you had a problem with a large company, chances are, there would be no one available to help you! With Edge, Vince is right here, and he is ready to make things better and FAST!

If you would like to get help for your company or speak with Vince and his team you can visit their website or give them a call at (801) 341-9038.

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