(The Daily Dish) Cami Leonard joined Nicea and Surae today on The Daily Dish to discuss what the Drip Family is all about.

If you’re not yet familiar with “The Drip Family”, we are talking about Drip IV Utah. They are a company that is filled with trained medical professionals and directors and they’re offering a service that gives you peace of mind – health and wellness.

Say you’re feeling sick, regardless if it’s a hangover, COVID, migraine, food poisoning, dehydration, or you’re honestly just feeling worn out and need a boost to help your energy – They have an IV Drip for you that is full of vitamins to help get you back to your normal, and probably feeling even better! Also, they can come to your home, office, gym, or anywhere else that you’d like to schedule.

Not only will Drip IV Utah come to you, but they also offer after-hours service that will help you get back to work, school, or just back out and to have fun even sooner if you wouldn’t have gotten the treatment from them. The other magnificent part about them – NO HIDDEN FEES!

They often get asked, who exactly can benefit from their IV Bag or what they have to offer? The answer is Almost anyone. Depending on your health history almost everyone will benefit from receiving an IV because they are the fastest and most effective way to deliver fluids, vitamins, and medicines throughout the body. Also, IV drips bypass the digestive system when you can’t keep fluids down.

A few reasons you might want to keep Drip IV Utah on Speed dial:

  • General fatigue
  • Hangovers
  • Athletes recovering or preparing for an event/competition
  • Flu/viral illness symptoms
  • Low Energy
  • Migraines
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Food poisoning

How often people can get treatment is dependent on their individual needs. They have seen patients receive them weekly for detox or wellness, and some commonly have a few sessions over a few days to help fight more chronic illnesses.

They have seen other patients who will call at the first sign of a migraine to help lessen its severity or prevent it altogether. While other patients call them as-needed for hangover recovery, athletic recovery, or to help with dehydration from working in the summer sun.

The possibilities are endless with what Drip IV Utah can help you achieve but the one thing we DO know is that none of it is negative.

Head on over to their website and bookmark them and don’t delay to get on their schedule, their calendar will be filling up fast! You can also call or send them a text (385) 301-6279.

Don’t forget to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also, you never know when they might be offering discounts!

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