(The Daily Dish) A Holistic personalized medicine that gets to the root cause of disease and illness. That is the process that Andrew Petersen DO and Jared Price, DNP, FNP-C with Forum Health work with.

Forum Health offers locations in West Jordan and Orem. Offering holistic, personalized medicine that targets the underlying causes of a disease and health challenges. Rather than treating the symptoms, their providers treat the whole person, including the body, mind, and spirit by utilizing customized care plans that are tailored to individual needs. 

How the process works:

  1. Book an appointment – During your first visit, they will explore your entire story so they can treat the SOURCE of the symptoms and determine the next steps to help you achieve wellness.
  2. Get an In-Depth Health Analysis – Cutting-edge, personalized lab work, advanced tests and imaging, and a host of diagnostic tools give the a 360-degree perspective of your health from head to toe, providing a the physician a map of how to help you achieve wellness.
  3. Start Your Personalized Plan – Once Forum Health has your In-Depth Health Analysis, they can start to treat the underlying cause by utilizing nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes to medication and customized, proven medical therapies to help you achieve OPTIMAL wellness.

You can schedule a Complimentary phone consultation and discuss treatments, providers, costs and if Forum Health is right for you.

Learn more about Forum Health by visiting their website.

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