Douse. Stir. Check. Repeat. Make sure you know the appropriate steps to prevent wildfires

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Moisture recently has been across the state which has been great but Fire potential has not been eliminated. Fire potential still exists, the Oak Grove Fire in southern Utah over the weekend is a great example that the recent rains have not fully eliminated fire risk.

The conditions that fuel fires have improved and the moisture has moderated fire risk but it does not mean that Utah is out of the woods and everyone should be prepared with this knowledge going out with the upcoming Holiday Weekend.

As far as State restrictions on state-owned and unincorporated private lands go, Southern and Central parts of the state are out of restrictions, the very northwestern part of the state remains in Stage II for the time being, and everywhere in between remains in Stage I.

Changes can happen often, make sure you visit the Utah Wildfire Info website to view restrictions across the state or call the land management agency you plan to visit or recreate on ahead of time for clarification ahead of time.

With Labor Day Weekend quickly approaching, the public should be thinking about the following items before leaving their home:

  • Increased travel and recreation mean a higher potential for human-caused wildfires.
  • Vehicles: Don’t park or drive over dry vegetation, check your trailer chains and tire pressure.
  • Campfires: Check restrictions, always drown/stir/feel/repeat until cold.

It’s not only the Holiday Weekend we need to be aware of, but also Hunting season. The Public should use Fire Sense when they are out hunting also.

  • Tips:
    • Check restrictions
    • Cooler nights can be deceiving, fire potential still exists. 
    • Never light campfires or warming fires on dry, windy days, and always completely extinguish your fire before walking away.
    • If you are target shooting in preparation, choose a safe location without rocks and dry vegetation, use paper or clay targets outdoors, and opt for lead core ammunition outdoors. 

Since mid-June, they’ve been seeing fewer human-caused wildfires each week in comparison to those same time frames in 2020 and 2019. Take a look below at a few of the different stats:

  • 1,001 total wildfire reports statewide in 2021 versus 1,120 in 2020 and 685 in 2019 
    • 10-year average: 835 fires
    • 516 human-caused wildfires in 2021 (52%) versus 885 (76%) in 2020 AND 472 in 2019 (69%)
    • 61,630 acres burned (approx)
    • Fire Statistics show human-caused fires continue to be low. Only 9 human-caused fires last week.
    • In July through August of 2020 there were 471 Human Caused fires. In 2019, there were 358. With one day left in August 2021, we’re at 159 human-caused wildfires for July and August.

For more information about how you can help prevent wildfires and also how you can help, Visit the Utah Fire Info website or follow along on social media.

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