(The Daily Dish) The intimacy we have with our partner can greatly affect the way we view the relationship. Often intimacy issues go unaddressed, as many men avoid seeking professional help. Their fear of embarrassment or feeling inadequate can keep them from finding a real solution.

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is the most common issue men experience, but also stands as one of the most untreated issues. In the United States, there are more than 3 million men who experience the issue every year. While many believe that only older men can experience ED, young men can struggle with ED as well. In the past, treatments have included prescription medications, injections, and even surgery. But with today’s advancements in medical technology, doctors are able to treat patients with Acoustic Wave Therapy.

Wasatch Medical Clinic is one of the limited specialty centers that practice Acoustic Wave Therapy in the state of Utah. For years they’ve helped patients by combining radial waves and focused shockwaves to encourages growth of blood vessels and improving blood flow. Also worth noting for patients: this simple treatment is completely needle-free, surgery-free, and drug-free.

AWT treatments are short, lasting only 25 minutes per session with no recovery or downtime after the fact. All visits to Wasatch Medical Clinic are completely private and confidential, so patients need not worry. Each patient receives an assessment from a medical provider prior to treatment by reviewing medical history, specific conditions, and current health. A non-invasive blood flow test is also performed to indicate the amount of treatment needed.

To book your initial appointment with Wasatch Medical Clinic in Salt Lake City or St. George, visit them online. You can also call them at (435) 922-7000.

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