SALT LAKE CITY (The Daily Dish) — “Wow, your carpets look so clean…!” Get used to hearing this, because thanks to Zerorez we now have a new secret weapon when it comes to deep-cleaning floors. What’s the secret to their powerful solution? It’s all about electrolyzed water.

When given a higher pH level through electrolyzation, water can actually begin to act as a detergent-like substance — providing all the penetrating clean without harmful chemical formulas. Once carpets have been properly rinsed, the experts at Zerorez loosen sediment and pull this water out of fibers, along with a whole host of other dirt and bacteria that have built up there.

Customers are astonished by the results as floors dry in no time and are revitalized to their original color. Even better, these results are long-lasting — meaning homeowners can spend this time doing what matters most to them.

What else should we get cleaned for a healthier home? Jake from Zerorez says it’s our air ducts.

According to Jake: “Getting your air ducts cleaned isn’t just going to improve the air quality in your home, but also — your carpet is your biggest filter — so it’s going to get your carpet to last longer.”

As a way of giving back to the community, Zerorez is hosting a special during this holiday season. Local customers can donate any canned or boxed food while getting service to get a 4th room cleaning for FREE.

To learn more, go online to or You can also call them at 801-288-9376.

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