(The Daily Dish) Peter Clegg, Prevention Coordinator with the Tooele County Health Department joined us today to talk about a serious topic – marijuana misuse and the effects on a developing brain. Also, we are talking about a group called Gray matters that is opening up the discussion about kids and THC in the community.

Gray Matters is an effort developed to provide resources for parents to talk to their kids about marijuana misuse and the effects on a developing brain. This also challenges parents to take just one minute to talk to their kids about underage misuse and the efforts on their brains.

Parents are the biggest reason why kids choose not to use, so we have to be committed to educating them with the truth. Youth are less likely to use marijuana recreationally if they can ask parents for help and know exactly how their parents feel about drug use.

Of the studies that exist, several have shown significant links between the age of onset of cannabis use and poor mental function in adults, such as lower executive function, inhibitory processing, and quicker neurophysiological decline. 

Just like underage drinking and misuse of prescription medications, it’s important that parents also teach their kids not to misuse marijuana. Take the pledge to talk to your kids about underage marijuana misuse and how it can affect their brains because recreational cannabis use is not a safe choice for kids. 

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