(The Daily Dish) The Utah Division of Emergency Management and the Governor’s Office of Outdoor Recreation are running a campaign to promote the Utah Search and Rescue Assistance (USARA) program.

USARA cards are available for Utah residents and visitors who enjoy the many recreational areas in the state. Revenue from these cards and direct donations provides support to search and rescue teams statewide for training and equipment and for reimbursement of rescue costs on behalf of victims who purchased the cards.

Utah is known worldwide for its unique environment, beautiful national parks, and many recreational activities available for outdoor enthusiasts. With outdoor recreation comes risk, and the USARA card program intends to provide peace of mind for individuals and families who experience unexpected events and need to be rescued from Utah’s backcountry. The program promotes preparedness and caution when hiking, hunting, snowmobiling, and enjoying many other activities in the outdoors.

USARA cards, in electronic form, can be purchased here by Utah residents, domestic visitors, and foreign nationals. Cards are available for either a one-year or five-year period. A family card is available for a purchaser, spouse, and children aged 21 or younger, covering each family member.

Those seeking to support Utah’s search and rescue teams without purchasing a card may also donate here. Funds gathered through the USARA program assist in covering the costs of resources to support the calls for help – this includes planes, helicopters, the transport of rescuers, and equipment to rescue an individual. The USARA card has been described as another piece of “safety equipment” that can financially protect an individual when an emergency occurs.

For more information, visit their website.

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