Do you know the importance of having your carpets and air ducts cleaned?

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(The Daily Dish) Did you know that your carpets are the largest filter in the home. Cooking oils, skin, dust, dander, and other allergens like to nestle in your carpet fibers.

Jake Strone from Zerorez Salt Lake City says that until you have a professional come out and clean your air ducts, things like dirt, dust, dander, hair, and even candy wrappers could be stuck in your carpets for good.

That is why you need to have Zerorez clean your carpets and check your air ducts, otherwise, this is what you are breathing every day in your home. 

Right now, Zerorez is offering $33 per room for carpet cleaning. Plus, you can get an additional 25% off any air duct cleaning service when you mention this ad.

Visit the Zerorez Salt Lake City website to learn more and schedule a visit!

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