(The Daily Dish) Jake with Zerorez joined us today to talk about the importance of regularly having your carpet cleaned. Did you know that the carpet in your home is probably the 2nd largest investment aside from the house itself?

You may think that the only thing you might need to do is Vacuum… and as silly as the question sounds, are you sure you’re doing it correctly?

A few tips we have found from the Zerorez Blog are listed below:

  • Keep a Routine – Don’t wait until your carpet looks dirty. You can avoid needing a professional cleaning by keeping a schedule in place.
  • Take your time – Don’t go too quickly. If you’re pushing/pulling too quick it is not loosening the debris in the carpet fibers and the dirt won’t be picked up as you do another pass.
  • High Traffic areas deserve TLC – You may need to vacuum these areas as often as every other day in some cases because they get the most attention.
  • Clean your Vacuum – Empty after each use.
  • Use the correct Vacuum Cleaner – with this as well, know your carpet type. If you don’t know your carpet type, you can’t know which Vacuum is best suited for your carpet.

All of these options work great to help keep your carpets cleaned but when the time comes to have them professionally cleaned, you’re going to want to call the best in the business and that’s where Zerorez comes in handy!

Most cleaners use soaps and detergents are extremely challenging to get out. They can be taken out, but you must rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse and repeat. It’s a long process to remove all the chemicals left on the carpet. 

Even if you can remove the soaps and detergent, you’re then left with the carpet sopping wet. This can bring other problems potentially creating mold in the backing of your carpet or the pad. Once Powered Water dries the carpet goes back to neutral, it can’t harm you. After 20-30 minutes maximum, your carpet and rug will look better than new!

For a limited time, Zerorez is offering a promotion to viewers: $25 per room with a minimum of 4 rooms, No maximum! Learn more and schedule a cleaning by visiting them online for Salt Lake or Davis/Weber counties or you can speak with a Zerorez expert by calling them at (801) 288-9376.

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