(The Daily Dish) The directions with Beehive Meals are simple: Open, dump in the crockpot, let cook for the time that’s given on the package, add a side or any additions you might want and ENJOY!

Benefits of Beehive Meal

For some of us, we are fortunate enough to have someone at home who has the extra time (and energy) these days to make home-cooked meals and we can all sit down and create these same memories we had as children.

The sad thing is that we all aren’t this fortunate and as prices rise across the nation, more and more parents are having to go back to work or are working longer hours or multiple jobs to be able to provide for their families.

When you find something that works for you, you want to share it. Beehive Meals was created for this exact reason. They want to help make it possible so parents can still work, support their families AND be able to sit down and enjoy a delicious, homecooked meal – TOGETHER.

About Beehive Meals

A company designed to make it as easy as possible for busy parents looking to still spend quality time around the dinner table with their family while still enjoying homecooked meals and also make it affordable.

Customers simply find an open date within their county and place an order. They then prepare all the meals about 48 hours before the reserved delivery date, seal them in vacuumed-sealed packaging, freezer them, and deliver them straight to your front door.

Hurry and place your order or grab additional information by visiting their website. Don’t forget to use CODEJBCOOKINGHOST and get $10 off any regular order!

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