(The Daily Dish) While the average homeowner deep-cleans their carpets with commercial shampoo, in truth they’re making their floors look worse as dirt will mix with the shampoo’s chemicals and settle deep in carpet fibers.

Over time, this cleaning will discolor floors, leaving them unsightly and also unsanitary. Even worse, some shampoos are made up of chemicals that are known to cause adverse health reactions.

As a healthier alternative for families around the nation, Zerorez uses their own patented Zr Water which electrolyzes tap water, raising the pH, breaking surface tension, and making it act just like a detergent.

Though it cleans like a detergent, the water used is still completely all-natural, without any chemicals, and goes deep into fibers to rinse out leftover shampoo residue from previous cleanings. After treatment, carpets and floors look flawless and dry in a fraction of the time.

With the Holidays, Zerorez is getting in the spirit of things and is offering a limited-time price if you donate any canned food or box of food while getting your carpets done and you’ll get your 4th room FREE of charge! Learn more and schedule a cleaning by visiting them online – Salt Lake or Davis/Weber, or speak with an expert by calling (801)288-9376.

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