(The Daily Dish) Guy Seidel with Easy Flow Utah joined Nicea to discuss why duct cleaning is SO important, especially with summer heating up and quickly!

With the summer temperatures, we are all looking for the best way to keep the bills down and one of the best ways is to get your air ducts cleaned so that your system is functioning properly. Duct cleaning keeps your filter cleaner, improves efficiency, and prevents AC issues in the future.

The truth is, even if you have a newer home, it will need the air ducts cleaned just as bad, if not worse, than an older home. When your newer home is being built that air ducts are installed, then you get walls, sanding, paint, carpet, etc… All of the loose construction dust and debris goes into your air ducts and isn’t cleaned out until you have your air ducts cleaned!

Once you have your air ducts cleaned, it will ensure that your system works better and longer because it isn’t having to work as hard. Just like our bodies, when they’re taken care of properly, they work better.

In addition to your HVAC system working better, your indoor air quality will also be better which will help prevent allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues because you’re not breathing in dust mites, dead skin, and other pollutants.

Let’s talk about price! Every house is different but they do a flat rate based on how many furnaces are in your home. $399 will get your entire single-furnace duct system cleaned out, including the dryer vent. 

Call (801) 792-2853 now or visit their website for more information!

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