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Chad Booth joined Surae on The Daily Dish to talk about what’s coming up on At Your Leisure and The County Seat this coming weekend.

Five Mile Pass Ride with Bureau of Land Management – Chad and Ria are joining members of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for a ride out to Five Mile Pass to discuss how they’re improving the infrastructure while also improving the visitor’s experience.

Legends of the Trail with Mark Habbeshaw – Our “Legends of the Trail” series is a collection of stories featuring those individuals that have done amazing things to build and grow the off-road community. Now It continues as we pay tribute to the one man who stood his ground to protect our access to public lands.

Preserving History and Stopping Archeology Vandalism – We’re taking an in-depth look at how vandalism to historical sites and even incidental touching can severely impact and damage these historical and cultural artifacts. While not much can be done to restore them, there is plenty we can do to preserve them, and we’ll show you how.

Search and Rescue Conference at Fish Lake – Chad and Ria are joining members of the Search and Rescue crews to get an inside look at the latest equipment and tactics used every day as they find out what it takes to rescue people and get rescued in some of the most dangerous outdoor situations.

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