(The Daily Dish) Morgan Begin with Daybreak Senior Services joines Nicea and Surae today to talk about what “Adult Day-Care” really is and what they’re facility is helping to do for the community.

Do you have a loved one that you’re taking care of day in and day out? Are you possibly feeling stressed out, worn down and maybe even slightly resentful? At Daybreak Senior Services, they want to help you take a break and take care of yourself. This time also allows your loved one to get out of the house and build those relationships and comradery that they’ve had their entire lives and they may now feel that they’re lacking.

Unfortunately, as our family members age, one of their concerns is becoming a burden on us. Having the opportunity for them to have a half day, day, or whatever we decide away to enjoy with others going through similar challenges helps to relieve their stress and worry.

At Daybreak Senior Services, they strive to be a fun place for elderly spouses, parents or other Family members with challenges to come and enjoy their day. They offer activities for family members such as card games, puzzles, and crafts. If those options don’t work, they can sit in the media room and watch a movie or enjoy the scenery from the Multi-Purpose room. Also, there may even be field trips!

Not only will there be activities, but there will also be safety! At Daybreak Senior Services, we know safety is one of the biggest concerns family has about leaving their loved ones. That is why their staff consists of trained CNAs who are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for your most precious treasures – Your loved ones.

We’ve talked about all the fun that your loved one’s will gain from their time at Daybreak Senior Services… Now, let’s talk about YOU, the Caregivers. You deserve the down time just as much. A day at the Spa, shopping, lunch with friends, or maybe just a day to relax and watch your favorite movie or show without interruption? Maybe you need to take a nap without concern for safety of your loved one. No matter what it is that you need, you can do it guilt free.

Let’s face it, You can’t take care of anyone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

Take a minute and visit the Daybreak Senior Services website or call (801) 300-5351 for more information.

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