Check out these 3 families that decided to share their cooking talents with the world!

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(The Daily Dish) Michele Deceuster is with Ellie Christov, one of the owners of Tias restaurant which is a family-owned restaurant and they’re showing off all of the fantastic dishes that are offered and also looking at the history.

Tias was a concept that was born on Thanksgiving Day 2019, They were sitting around the table admiring their own cooking, Ellie and her sister-in-law’s. They were three families, and they decided they should just share their talents with the world.

Their style is a combination of Bulgarian and Salvadorean Mexican farm-to-table flavors that they’ve put together and they’re happy to report that the response from the community has been very accepting and wonderful.

Let’s start with the Pupusas because they are a favorite of everyone’s and let’s also explain to everyone what a Pupusas is. Pupusas is that traditional Salvadorean flatbread and it’s filled with all kinds of goodness inside.

At Tias, you can get Pupusas filled with many different options including Chicken, beef, shrimp, and also Vegan. Check out their menu for additional options!

They also carry vegan cheese and vegan chicken which means that many of their meals can be made vegan or vegetarian as well. Another community favorite is the taco. Tacos are very popular at Tias and not just on Tuesdays. They offer three different kinds, salmon, shrimp, and chicken. Tuesdays, they ARE on special!

Another favorite is avocado toast at the south of the border, toast that comes with Chipotle dressing that they make there, fresh avocados, and they also bake their own bread which means the sourdough is made in-house early in the morning before they open their doors.

Also, they have broccoli, cheddar soup which is one of the most popular soups that is made daily from scratch with fresh veggies and is also very popular! and YES, they make their own garlic bread which is a fan favorite. Not to mention, they’ve also got desserts, too such as churro cheesecake and flan in the churro cheesecake. So Yummy!

As we mentioned, they are a farm-to-table restaurant. The majority of their products come from family-owned farms that are either local or from California. All year-round, they carry fresh fruits and vegetables in their farmers’ market which is also how they supply the restaurant.

The Farmers Market is open and indoor all year-round and just two doors down. Located at 1812 West Sunset Boulevard. Open Wednesdays through Sundays, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and everything they carry for the restaurant is also available to the public. You can come down, eat and shop!

You can head on over to the website and order online and see what options are available!

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