Check out the Zerorez Powered Water Clean to keep your family safe

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Zerorez uses a substance called Powered Water to clean and leave zero residues. The water is run through an electrolysis process, altering the molecule. It is slick to the touch and has all the cleaning properties of soap, but none of the side effects. Soap can be difficult to rinse out and often leaves a sticky residue on the carpet. Powered Water eliminates the need for soap and dries just like water, leaving nothing behind.

Most cleaners use soaps and detergents which are extremely challenging to get out. They can be taken out, but you must rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse and repeat. It’s a long process to remove all the chemicals left in the carpet after most cleaning.  Even if you can remove the soaps and detergent, you’re then left with the carpet sopping wet. This can bring other problems, potentially creating mold in the backing of your carpet or the pad. Once Powered Water dries the carpet goes back to neutral. It can’t harm you.

Zerorez is currently offering a cleaning special: If you live between Ogden and Nephi, only $33 a room and you’ll get a 4th room cleaned for FREE if you mention this spot!

For more information or to schedule a cleaning, visit Zerorez Salt Lake CityZerorez Davis Weber, or call (801) 288-9376.

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